A Study in Revenge

Author: Kieran Shields
Published by: Crown Publishers
Age Recommended: YA - Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4


"A Study in Revenge" by Kieran Shields was a good mystery, historical,thriller series. I have not read the first book 'The Truth of all Things' and maybe that was why I didn't understand some parts of this novel but what I could understand ....I did like. I had a feeling I was still missing something that had gone on in the first novel...but again it was a very intriguing historical read...Sort of like the 'Sherlock Holmes' novels. This story setting was from Portland, Maine in the year of 1893. In this novel we have a 'Victorian' private investiagator and police consultant... Perceval Grey and we have Archie Lean who is a dedicated 'Deputy of Police'...dedicated to the State and its people. Grey and Lean come together trying to unravel a mystery and that is:

"The body of a local thief is discovered under unusual circumstances, with evidence of the occult (or at least somebody trying to stage it to look that way). The problem is, the thief in question was killed days earlier and was already buried, meaning that whoever staged the scene also robbed his grave."

Be ready for a lots of twist and turns...keep up or you could get lost...also be ready for "Viking runes, explosions, the occult, mysterious tunnels, robberies, shootings, burnings, and grave robbing, just to name some." It will be a long read but if you continue to will find out what the 'Revenge" was in the story! I will stop there to say you must pick up " Study in Revenge" to see what all the author had instore for the reader. The characters all well developed and the author did some job working all this in with some some religion and along with the murders that will tie in three different mysteries.

If you are in for a historical thriller mystery "A Study in Revenge" would be a good read that I would recommend for you


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