Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers: A Second Act Novel (Second Act # 1)

Author: Julia Dumont
Published by: BroadLit
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4

"Sleeping with Dogs and other Lovers: A Second Act Novel (Second Acts #1)"by Julia Dumont was simply funny to read. Cynthia Amas was a marketer now turned match maker is able to help everyone except herself. So, Cynthia will have to reinvent herself. She really has such enthusiasm for her clients, her mom that was over the top with it all and that ex lover who would not go away and leave her alone. Cynthia was yet loveable but somewhat irritating why keep going back to someone you know isn't any good? She had already had a failed marriage and many relationships that had not gone any where. However, there was one character that was really likeable and that was Lolita(dog groomer) because she was a real person that told you like it is.This novelis definitely one that take you on a journey of dating and reationships with sex scenes that were very 'imaginative and steamy.' Yes, there are dogs in this novel too. It seems that one of Cynthia's clients owns some dogs and one of them(King) seems to have special powers. What is up with that? Well, you will have to pick up this novel to see how this author brings it all together. If you are in for a fun ride with some fantasy with some sex then you have come to the right place because Julia Dumont's "Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers, is a steamy, laugh out loud funny book for ladies looking for a novel with romance, sex, and comedy all in one package." Would I recommend? YES!


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