Black Love aka Juicy

Author: Hood Chronicles
Published by: Worldhaven Agenda
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Black Love aka Juicy" by hood chronicles was a good mystery, with rape, murder, deceit, prostitution, and drugs that is all caught up in this suspenseful read. When I say I couldn't put it down...I really mean I could not put down "Black Love aka Juicy" until the last word. I found this novel very action will really have to keep up because  there will be so much going on like lots of drama. I am also sure that what made "Black Love aka Juicy" such a interesting read was because author knew first hand to what accured in some of these situations because he had been through some of it.

Now, how did this story start... "Joi had posted the teenage girl's bond over an hour ago" and upon arriving home "Joi, let us talk alone, the voice said....I said alone, Grandma reminded." I can only imagine that Kaleena who loved her grandmother never thought she would hear a story that only her grandmother could tell her...and that was "of a girl they used to call Juicy."   "As life begins to spin out of control in this action packed tale of strife against all odds, bonds will be broken, friends become foes, loyalties will be tested, and page after page is guaranteed to remain as juicy as the title itself!"  This novel will take off and this is where I say you must pick up "Black Love aka Juicy" to see what all this author will bring to its reader because in the end you will find out just who was this  'Juicy' that Kaleena's grandmother was referring to. This author did a wonderful job with all of the characters showing each ones thoughts, some likable more than others but all were very well developed and captivating giving the reader a good read....from  Juicy and Chink, Desire, BlueBoy Luigi, Kevin, Will, Sheena, Damu, Maria, (Shaneka),Cleve, Ne'Shell, Trixie, (Lil Lovie), Don, Abigail, Rex, Gisele, Briana,Coco, Roderick, Caroline to Cal to name a few.

Would I recommend "Black Love aka Juicy"  as a good read? Yes!


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