The Buzzard Table

Author:  Margaret Maron
Published by:  Grand Central Publishing
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4


"The Buzzard Table" by Margaret Maron was another good mystery series that is is well known for giving to her readers. I believe this is her #18th series. I found "The Buzzard Table" very intriguing and with a unique cast of characters from Colleton County,  North Carolina.  We find Judge Knott, her family and friends living in the rural South.  In this mystery its will have old military secrets, which
will bring on hard choices for Deputy Dwight Bryant...then the weird murder and mayhem brought on by greed, lust and revenge and  with Deborah goes into new levels with a relationship with her stepson Cal. There are a  string of suspicious murders has set everyone on  edge.   Sigrid Harald and her mother Anne are in town from New York,  visiting Anne's mother, Mrs Lattimore is is quite ill dying of cancer.  Martin Crawford who is Ann's cousin is also in town researching vultures when they meet, only she feels like she already has run across him at some time, but she can't seem to  remember.With all that is going on we now have Deborah, Dwight and Sigrid working together to solve these murders and also uncovering family secrets that have been long buried.  This is the time that I say you must pick up "The Buzzard Table" to see how Ms. Maron will take us to the end in this series. So, again you will get plenty of 'family interaction while they solve crimes and live normal lives in small town of Colleton County,  North Carolina.'

If you are interested in a good mystery, you have come to the right place for "The Buzzard Table" is what I would recommend you as a good read.  It may help you somewhat if you have been keeping up with the series.   


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