The Third Fate

Author:  Nadja Notariani
Published By: N.N.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Review By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4


"The Third Fate" by Nadja Notariani was a good read especially if you are a Vampire lover who would like a   'Scottish Highland' to read. This mythical  paranormal romance was sexy and tastefully written...especially that first major love scene. The "plot had many twist and turns from from characters manipulating each  other, and plots and plans, overheard conversations,
and uncontrollable feelings." And this  whole thing that revolves around the Fates .... very interesting like which I had never read anything like it before.  Two characters that  were simply amazing and well developed by this author was Page Kinnell(with the gift) and Cael Maccinnis (Vampire).  Now,  to find out more about "The Third Fate" you must pick up the  beautifully written novel to see how this author brings out this discovery to the reader....she does it well!

If you are looking for a good paranormal sexy read...Ms. Notariani's "The Third Fate" would be  recommended to you as a good read.


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