Alien Sex

Author:  Various Authors
Published by:  Roc Publisher
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4


"Alien Sex"  by 19 Various Authors was a bit dark anthology, sci-fi and fantasy  short-story reads.  I picked it because of its title ... yes,  I did and I found it somewhat interesting... some of it like nothing I have ever heard of or would think of.  Like I have said many times .... to get into the minds of some of  these authors...leaving me to say WOW!  But any way each and everyone of these short stories had some type of anthology that was indeed very different
than anything I would ever imagine...yes really pushing how one views the idea of sex and gender relationship are meant to be...a lot of it very uncomfortable.

Therefore, I will say right up front, this read is not for the weak minded heart at all.  So please beware before you pick up "Alien Sex." Be ready for dark area that will be well presented that may shock, disgust and even offend.  There are some stories that are I will leave you to  look for those. So, is this what we humans are really looking for?  Well, I will let you decide for yourself. I wouldn't say these are bedtime stories for the soft hearted, however,  if you are into this type of read... you have come to the right place.  There are nineteen different authors and I am sure you may find one that you like.   Are these well written... I would have to  say Yes,  they are... I think the authors did a good job at relaying what ever it was they set out to say to the reader.  Did I understand it all... No, but the authors seemed to know what they were trying to say and do.  So, be ready for a good read whether it's a anthology, sci-fi and or fantasy.  It's all here for you in "Alien Sex."


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