Guilt by Degrees

Author: Marcia Clark
Published By: Mulholland Books
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Guilt By Degrees" by Marcia Clark was full of suspense, mystery and also a thriller intriguing read. We find thirty-four year old, LA District Attorney Rachel Knight and her friend, Detective Bailey Keller will investigate a homeless man murder and this will take them to a murder of a LAPD policeman. Trying to solve both of these cases will lead them into a dangerous path that will take them where "they will need to uncover a complex story to uncover the truth and risking their lives in the process." It seems the deeper they get into this investigation, both Knight and Bailey are seeing just how dangerous their opponent really is. You will find "Guilt By Degrees" to be a well written novel and enjoyable to read that will keep you turning the pages for more. Be ready for many twist and turns that will keep you trying to guess who this is as the story unfolds. This author writes a novel that is "fulled with mesmerizing details, characters that you can relate to, and an abundance of unbelievable plot diversity." If you are in for a thrill of a ride 'though the world of the LA court system' have come to the right place... for "Guilt By Degrees" will take you there and Yes, I would recommend this novel.


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