The Crystal Facade

Author:  Debra L. Martin and David Small
Published by:  Smashwords, Inc.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4


"The Crystal Facade" by Debra L. Martin and David Small are this authors' second installment of the "Rule of Otharia" series.   This novel picks up six months after the first adventurers on Otharia and Earth where we find that Dyla is having visions of 'Sir Blackheart' that will not go away until she goes back to Earth to finish this quest.   We then find the powerful telepathic group...Cat, Dyla and Eclair go back to Earth only leaving Darius to find "out who is trying to kill him and prevent this event spirit from taking over Otharia."  Now, to truly understand what is going on in this read, you must pick up the "The Crystal Facade" and find out  what all  is going on in this well-written story.  I believe you must read the first book...'Rule of Ortharia' to get the whole story as it continues into this novel.  There will be plenty of twist and turns that will be surprises for the reader.  Be ready for a good mystery, mythology, fantasy and sci-fi that will get you turning the pages till the end. In the end will get the real secret of the crystal and find out who this 'real villain' is.  The characters were all 'unique and charming'  that only gives us a interesting read.

If you are in for a good  fast paced read that journeys into fantasy-sci-fi you have come to the right place for "The Crystal Facade" would be recommended to you as a good read.


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