For the Love of Lisa

Author:  Callie Norse
Published By: iUniverse
Age Recommended:  Adult
Review By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4


"For the Love of Lisa" by Callie Norse was a good read especially if you are into
paranormal and horror stories.  We find the Carrington family having been blessed with it all until the move into "their Victorian dream home, everything changes and not for the better."  Certain occurrences has started happening since they moved into this place...that Greg Carrington begins to think that this house was haunted...and now his wife had become sick... and even the daughter has become  "obsessed with the sewing room where she reads aloud, sings and talks to present only she can see."  So, what is going on in this place?  Now, this is where you will have to pick up this read to find out the what, where, how and who of it all especially as Greg decides to sell this house. Be ready for many twist and turns that you will find yourself not wanting to put this novel down especially when all of the creepiness comes in and definitely the surprises. 

I found that "For the Love of Lisa" to be a well written read with some very intriguing characters that will were all captivating and if you like mystery then this novel is for you.


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