The Heart of War (Of War # 1)

Author: Lisa Beth Daring
Published by: Moon Mistress Publishing
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Series #1
Rating: 5


"The Heart of War" by Lisa Beth Daring was a good mythology erotic dark romance read that was the first in a series...Of War. We find from this read that the main character named Alena who has been on the run hiding from  Cernummos.  Another main character was Ares who was ancient Greek God of War who had be exiled from Olympus to Greece.  It was there that he finds  Alena and becomes captivated by her as he learn more about this strange woman.  Only before they can "have a relationship truth must be uncovered, and the psychopathic evil God stopped."  Now, is the time that I say you must pick up this read to get the fool story of mythology. You will definitely see 'The Gods of Olympus are engaging with such characters that are simply strong and
interesting.  Be ready because there is heavy eroticism leaving you only to say Wow!  There will be plenty of 'subplots and back stories' from many viewpoints Alena, Ares, Cernummos  and Eros.  Be prepared for a lots of violence...rapes, beatings...real violence.  Do note that "The Hear of War" is a Adult read.

I believed that author did a wonderful job with writing "The Heart of War" and I would recommend as a excellent read. 


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