An Amish Gift

Author:  Cynthia Keller
Published by:  Ballantine Books
Age Recommended:   YA - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"An Amish Gift" by Cynthia Keller was a good novel It really was just a great, short, sweet, feel-good book to read especially during this blessed holiday. "It was definitely a  reminder of what is really important during the holidays."  We find that this story is of the 'Davis Family' which consisted of Jeannie (mom), Shep (dad) Tim, Willa (the children) and Scout(the dog).  We will travel through two different Christmas's with this family where the first Christmas was one full of sadness, bitterness and much anger. As the story moves along we now find that the Davis Family has moved due to an inheritance.  They thought this
was a good move due to the fact that Shep has lost his job and their finances were nearly in bankruptcy. Maybe a new start in a new place would be great but upon on arriving the 'new house' and Shep's new job a lots of TLC was  needed.
You can see in the read that "Jennie was holding the family together with a string and a prayer."  "When the family befriends their Amish neighbors, the Fishers, their home life gradually becomes more civilized and happy."  "When Jennie finds a business that she can run, with the help of her family, things look up for them."  Now, this is the time that I will say you must pick up the excellent read to see how the author gets the reader through this storm for the Davis's.  It will be a bumpy ride but in the end...well you will see.

"An Amish Gift" was a good clean book even with some Bible references in it that wasn't overly done.  It was interesting to see  the 'Davis Family' actually were learning from their Amish neighbors.  So, if you are interested in a good clean read that could be read any time...not only at Christmas...I would recommend "An Amish Gift" novel to you.


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