Author: A. E. Rough
Published By: Strange Chemistry
Age Recommended: YA
Review By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4


"Broken" by A. E. Rough was a different read for me...Frankenstein? I am still wondering why I picked this particular book up but after reading it I did find it rather amusing and I liked the Book Cover ...especially after going back and looking at the plot and finding out this was a 'Modern Frankenstein'...Oh, well I usually do not like care for horror or these types of books... but I picked it up so i will give you what I think of it. I knew nothing of this story so it just unfolded as I read it. As I am reading I seem to think this novel is more for the YA reader. I believe this author does have some writing ability...sort of creepy and freaky. Now, we find Emma's boyfriend(Daniel) has died and she is in morning withdrawing from everyone. Emma is suffering from 'Survival Guilt' where she sees Daniel everywhere....then she meets Alex and they seemed to known from the first time the saw each other they had a connection. OK, what is going on between these two? This is where I say you must pick up "Broken" to see how this story will play out. Yes, I did find all of the characters and storyline somewhat interesting. As a matter of fact it was that bad story at all and it did hold my attention.

I will say if you are into this is your type of read of the 'Modern Day Frankenstein'... "Broken" would definitely be a read for you giving you a story of 'confusion, pain, anger, the yearning and love.'



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