Spur of the Moment

Spur of the Moment
Author:  Candace Browen
Published By: Rhemalda Publishing
Age Recommended: Adult
Review By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Spur of the Moment" by Candace C. Bowen was a wonderfully written novel.  The character, Bronwyn Chase was indeed a very interesting one being a 'Best-selling author' where  I  liked her  very quickly in this fast read.  This was a amazing novel of this writers life here and in the future where you find the plot very enriched in details. You will find this novel with romance, science fiction, historical facts, fantasy, paranormal, vengeance, magic, friendship, true love, loyalty and adventure all rolled together giving us a excellent read.  This author's imagination is definitely unbelievable.  The characters are all very well developed, realistic and captivating helping to deliver a well written script to the reader.   We find this writer...Bronwyn Chase who had been raised  in many different  foster homes...now,  she is on her way to New York to do an interview. In New York she meets the driver and goes to dinner...then that is when 'some crazy old lady'  is following her...why is this?  The story will take off from there and this is where I say you must pick up "Spur of the Moment" to find out how this author is give you the where, when, why and who of it all in the great read. Among this Bronwyn will find out much about her life she never knew.  I found "Spur of the Moment" not only a great read that  held my interest until the end but also I found this novel very beautifully well crafted and I would recommend this novel as a excellent read. 


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