To Whisper Her Name

Author:  Tamera Alexander
Published by:  Zondervan
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4

"To Whisper Her Name" by Tamera Alexander was a wonderful historical christian romantic long read that has it all.  This setting was from 'Belle Meade Plantation' in Nashville, TN. (1866) following the Civil War where you will find "Southerners who fought on the side of the South, the women who were
left behind to defend their homes, a Southerner who aligned himself with the North during the war, the widow of a Southerner who betrayed them all, last but not least, the slaves who had recently gained their freedom" and most importantly  'Belle Meade Plantation' raises thoroughbreds.

This story deals with Elizabeth and Ridley  a couple of years after the war with secrets that will 'make or break them.' If you are a reader of Ms. Alexander's novels you will note that this novel is one of her best ones. "To Whisper Her Name" was a excellent novel with an long and detailed engaging story that really shines through with what  all going on.  Yes, this novel somewhat predictable at times but still a good read.  The characters are well developed, 'marvelous and meticulously crafted' ...keeping you turning the pages will all of the drama that comes along from the read.. A few characters like Uncle Bob,
General Harding  and Rachel could have stories of their own being so complexed and all! To get a real fill for this read you must pick up the good read to find out
which way this author is taking the reader.  Be prepared for a long read.

If you are looking for a novel  of faith, love, forgiveness..."To Whisper Her Name" will take you there and would I recommend this as a good read?  YES!


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