Can You Stay For Breakfast?

Author: B.M. Hardin
Published By: B.M.H.
Age Recommended: Adult
Review By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Can I Say For Breakfast?" By B.M. Hardin was a wonderful sweet romantic read.  This author did a wonderful job in being able to bring it all together for a great read in just a short time.  I couldn't believe how fast I was able to read it...I read it straight through without putting it down for nothing with it  being such a page turner. There were many twist and turns but in the end everything was back on tack the way it was to be. Be prepared for 'secrets, love, lies and deceiption'  because there will be many in this read as you go from one chapter to the next.  You never knew just what was coming next.

As this story starts out we find Staci is lonely and is 'determined to find love.' She "meets Ty, and she is convinced that he is her Mr. Right," however, will this come to pass? This is where this story will pick up and I say you must pick up this wonderful read to find out just what this author has in store for the reader.  As you are going through the  twisting and turning more and more secrets will come out that will have you wondering if Staci and Ty will find that love that each one wanted so badly.  This author works  her magic with this novel making it flow so well and I really loved at the end of each chapter their would be a inspirational 'Anonymous' that  tied into  that  particular section  together only to give you something to think on...

             Here is one of those quotes after a Staci chapter....

"Love is patient, Love is Kind, When you find love, real love, do whatever you have to do to hold on to it.  You only get one true love in your life time, be sure not to let it pass you by."

Definitely questions like  "does true love always prevail and are secrets always as quiet as they are kept" will be answered in the end.  The characters were simply off the chart...all so real, alive, memorable and some even charming.

I thought that "Can You Stay For Breakfast?" was a phenomenal good read and to the author well done and I hope to read more of your novels.  Would I recommend this novel? ....YES!


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