Love's All That Makes Sense: A Mother Daughter Memoir

Author:  Anika and Sakeenah Francis
Published by:  Bridgeross Communications
Age Recommended: YA - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Love's All That Makes Sense A Mothers Daughter Memoir" by Anika and Sakeenah  Francis was a very interesting read for me.  I was just able to get through this memoir without crying.  It is a very emotional subject:  living with 'Schizophrenia.' Sakeenath was once a beautiful person...coming from a middle class 'Aftrican American Family'..."went to college, was homecoming queen, married, began her career and had children."  Truly this was a 'Cinderella Story' but wait...things changed when this illness came on Sekennah and then
she is found 'homeless and institutionalized.'  There was one thing going for her and that was her daughter..Anika love who faced the bad effects this disease had on her mother and for a long time was silent about the issue...but finally   Anika  breaks out letting it  all out what it was like growing up with someone with someone who had  'severe mental illness.'  We will find Anika quite shaken up by  her mother's letters remember her mother's many bouts that she went through well into her adulthood.  It has been quite a bumpy road for Sakeenah,
but she was striving somewhat each day.  Through much love and hope between this mother and daughter they were given "the strength and resilience to heal and piece together what had been torn apart in their lives." Indeed, this was a very inspiring story for any one affected by this terrible mental illness and even the ones affected by them.  Sad, yes but a story that needed to be told for this Mother and Daughter in the end ... "Love's All That Makes Sense."


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