Bring on the Blessings

Author: Beverly Jenkins
Published by:  William Morrow Paperbacks
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Series # 1
Rating: 5


"Bring on the Blessings" by Beverly Jenkins was very uplighting and engaging that turned out to be a quick, easy read. You will be presented with a vaiety of emotions from laughing and even tearing up somewhat as I read though this novel. I found "Bring on the Blessings" a moving novel about Bernadine Brown, who was a divorcee that became a multi-millionaire due to her cheating
husband.  With Bernadine having all of this money she wanted a more meaning and purpose in her life, so she decided to buy a historical small "Black" town in Kansas that was facing bankruptcy.  Will  Bernadine be excepted in this town?  Bernadine also wanted to help foster children. How will Bernadine go about this?   How will this town of 'Henry Adams' take to  Ms. Bernadine ideas?  She is 'Black' and they (town people) thought the new owner was 'White.'  Some of the characters were really something ..some likable and then their were a few that I will just say I will let you decide from  Bernadine Brown, Lily and Trent, Malachi and even Riley to Cletus to name a few. Now,  you must pick up this well written read to see how this author will present this all it to the reader.  You will find out from the read if this women will be able to save the town and help the children brings wonderful blessing to her in  this new town. Be ready for some funny scenes with Amari, Malachi,  Riley and Cletis.

 "Bring on the Blessing" was a wonderful first series novel  and if you are in for a good read I would recommend this read to you.


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