The Mike Black Saga: Outlaw

Author: Roy Glenn
Published By: Kingstown Publishing
Age Recommended: Adult
Review By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"The Mike Black Saga: Outlaw" by Roy Glenn was a good urban story with mystery and plenty of suspense. I fell in love this with novel from page one.  I stayed with it until the end and it was a very good exciting read.  We find in this read that " After settling some unfinished business in the Baja Peninsula  and all seemed to going great until he returns home  he is accused of murdering his wife(Shy)and sent to jail.  Mike's friends, Nick Simmons, and Wanda Moore seemed to be there for him, but they were involved in their owe thing along with all of twist and turns before things seemed to go right for Mike Black.  Be ready for killings, and more killings, sex, beatings from jail and even more killings.  Now, this is where I say you must pick up "The Mike Black Saga" to see what all  this author will  give to us in this  read. Be ready for some characters like Freeze, Detective Kirkland....   that were simply made for this novel being so captivating and keeping your interest in this read to see who  was behind it all in the framing of Mike Black for this murder. For a good mystery novel  with lots of  suspense I would recommend "The Mike Black Saga: Outlaw" to you.


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