Prairie Hill

Author: Fred Burwell
Published by:  Acorn Whistle Press
Age Recommended:  YA -  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Prairie Hill" by Fred Burwell is a wonderful contemporary read. Its story takes place in a small town in Wisconsin.  I loved the way this author was able to produce a story  from a from a small town life in the Midwest. "Mr.Burwell reveals the heart and soul of people who support local baseball teams, work in local diners, are without illusion and have no use for life in the fast lane. It's an America of few distractions where relationships matter and love is still possible if they have the will to pursue it."  The story was very easy to get into where we find that the story will follow Jimmy and Jenny. Each one has there own story and along with the other  beautiful setting, the descriptions of the and then the characters...which for me were off the chart...being real, so alive and even likable. This novel was hard to put down until I had finished it completely.  Be ready for some baseball and some dilemmas that  Jenny had to face.

This  novel may not be for everyone...but I enjoyed it....and if you are looking for a enjoyable read "Prairie Hill" would be recommended to you.  For those of you who love clean books...this would be one for murders and foul language!  'Just two people finding themselves.


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