Cheyenne's Shadow

Cheyenne's Shadow
Author: Deborah Camp
Published By: Avon Books
Age Recommended: Adult
Review By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Cheyenne's Shadow" by Deborah Camp was a very good read that kept you interested. This was one beautiful story told and with such wonderful fantastic characters.  This is my first novel by this author and I am sure it will not be the last.  I really enjoyed the mystery and twist that were all over this story featuring Etta Hollister and Johnny Cheyenne. You can tell there was some good research done by this author to give us a wonderful well written story.  The
descriptions of the area characters were very well developed, so real and alive...making you feel like you are their in the story. Here are a few that
made this read a good read....Etta owner of the Flying H Ranch, Johnny Cheyenne, Whitey, Hank,Andy, Brickman, Dan and Hester Pitch, Gerald Powell, Roy's father; Clarence Allred, the owner of the general store, Jessup, the Blacksmith, Lester Craw, the sheriff, Big Joe Simpson, the cattle broker, to Barney Timmons, a man who used to work for name a few...all made this read a captivating read. Even though I found "Cheyenne's Shadow" was somewhat predictable it was still a good read.  In the end will Etta finally listen to Johnny.. and what does he has to say to her?  What about this partnership?  Now, this is the time I will say you must pick up this good read to see how  Ms. Camp delivers it all to the reader. Be ready for a interesting ending that will indeed bring it all together.


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