Ella Jones and Her Magical Vagina

Author: Rochelle Spencer
Published by: Amazon Digital Service
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 3


"Ella Jones and her Magical Vagina" by Rochelle Spencer was some read that left me saying really, Wow! I am not even sure why I pick it ...Oh, I remember its title! We find the setting in NYC where Ella Jones discovered that she has magical powers within the vagina and yes this is the place where human life begins... remember? As the story moves on we find that Ella is now accepting that she must save humanity from the mad scientist Dr. Sowella Armstrong who hates all humans so he creates a MTD which is 'Mentally Transmitted Diseases.' This author is such a storyteller that if you are reading this book "Ella Jones and Her Magical Vagina" hopefully half of her work is done. You have bought it! OK, moving on this author is very good with her language skills sometimes it appears even poetic. Wow! Now, if you are still reading she is winning because she has your curiosity and is delivering this all to you in a well thought out suspenseful plot. The characters are really intriguing with names like: Sowella, Jose, O'Reilly, Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Caldwell, Betty Charles, Dee-Dee, Prince, Dumas Henry, Reuela, Dr. Caromale to Nurse Gavin because at this point in the story you may be simply amazed if not well I will just say if you are interested you must pick up this memorable read. It will be one you will not forget anytime soon. Now, I will stop her and truthfully say, it was a read like nothing I have ever read. Would I recommend? ...well, this is where I say if the title move you... the best of luck with your read.


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