The Chronicles of Idiot

Author: Erin Berry
Published by: E.B.
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"The Chronicles of IDIOT" was some read that turned out to be somewhat humorous as it will pokes fun at the government. Now what is this this story moves from the past to tells "the history of a government organization that was to protect unsuspecting Americans from be too interested in just what did matter. One side we find the story moving forward using secret journals while the other side will tell a story of a actual recruit. Now, this will lead you to wonder just what is a IDIOT? It is "actually a name derived for a group of people specifically brought together to create strange phenomena and interesting sightings in the hopes of keeping the American people from getting bored with life." Now, if you can follow that must pick up the read to get a fuller understanding in what all this author want us to know about a IDIOT. It will definitely have you questioning what if? Would I recommend this read? Yes, it may leave you asking do we really pay attention to what the government is doing?


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