Josiah's Treasure: a novel

Author:  Nancy Herriman
Published by: Worthy Publisher
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"Josiah's Treasure" by Nancy Herriman was a historical, romance, inspirational with a little mystery all rolled up into one good read taking place in San Francisco, 1882.  You will find "Josiah's Treasure" filled will a journey of "secrets, faith, deception, betrayal, hope and love."  In this read we find
that Sarah Whittier(who had been a nurse companion to Josiah Cady) has been left a inheritance, but before she could claim it,  Daniel Cady shows up claiming to be Josiah's son.  Josiah Cady  thought that his family had died.   What will become of all of this?  We will find that  Daniel even with 'his vengeful heart' he  will try to save Sarah...there was a rumor that Sarah has a treasure chest full of gold nuggets. Was there gold nuggets in Nob Hill?

Sarah had "dreams of having a art studio run by immigrant women and she had planed to use the house left to her family friend Joshia  Cady as collateral for her studio." Now, what was going to happen now that Josiah's son as returned as the legal heir along with his ten year old twin sisters.  Will Daniel be able to get this treasure for his sisters?

There will be many questions that will need to be answered in this
"Was Josiah a father who left a wife and children behind to search for gold?
Was Sarah’s past filled murder and deceit? Does Daniel stand to inherit a bulk
of money after a long journey to find his long lost father?  This author did a
wonderful job with bringing out this issue of forgiveness definitely "letting go of the past that heals and nourishes the heart."

All of the characters were well developed and really push the story line  along only making it even more interesting as you move along in the read...for you have the heroine, hero, heroine's friend, group of daughters, meddlesome reporter to name...with Sarah, Daniel, Cora, Minnie, Mrs. McGinnis and Charlotte among a few named.

"Josiah's Treasure" was truly a wonderful and well written novel that gave a real  description along with the  knowledge of San Francisco during this time in the 1800's.  Would I  recommend this novel?  Yes, as a  excellent read.


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