As the Crow Dies

Author: Ken Casper
Published by: Bell Bridge Books
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"As the Crow Dies" by Ken Casper was a very good historical mystery, thriller and suspense read. This author will give you a quite a read about a post Viet Nam story of Jason Crow who has now return home as a double amputee ...and his father is determined that he will walk again. "Through painful effort and sheer determination, he had learned to walk with prosthetics something the doctors told him he would never be able to do. He couldn’t wait to show his father. But when Jason who was a former football star arrives home, he will not be able to walk to his father because apparently he has committed suicide. Making no sense to Jason and is determined to find out what has happened to his father. Jason was sure that his father had been murdered and would take on the case to find out who that was by "slowly building support among his family friend, his father's friends and slowly builds a case for murder." How he goes about this is really intriguing. This is the time that I will say you must pick up the good read "As the Crow Dies" to she the what, why, how and where to it all. This author did a excellent job with this read creating a memorable and fascinating read with some drama that even deals with some racial issues. All of the characters and there were many, were well developed captivating at this time in 1968. Be ready for a unique plot, with mystery, thrills, suspense along with many twist and turns. Questions that remain to be asked and answered: " Will his girlfriend still want him? How can he ever be whole again if even his friends look on him with pity?" You will get all of these answered and more from the read "As the Crow Dies" and Yes, I would recommend this book as a good read.


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