A Dove at Midnight

By:  Rexanne Becnel
Published By:  Dell
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA

"A Dove At Midnight" by Rexanne Becnel was a story of this medieval time in England's history  where the you will see how their custom and politics played out to give the reader a 'well crafted love story' in this era. We find Joanna is scared on marriage and men due to what had happened to her mother.  With the death of her father Joanna became a 'lynchpin in a power struggle of King John's reign.'  With these times be most turbulent at this time, Sir Rylan Kempe who opposes the kind will kidnap her from the convent with the idea of marrying her off to a ally, however, Joanna will end the King's ward and later ...well to get the rest of the story, you must pickup "A Dove at Midnight" and see how, who and what will happen. I liked the story and if you are in to medieval history you will possibly enjoy it also.  You will find all of the characters all very interesting in one way or the other. Some even colorful.  Be ready for some interesting dynamics that will go on between Joanna and Rylan....with Joanna being so irritating and naive and then Ryan being the mature and arrogant and also 'politically adapted.  All in all this novel  will keep you turning the page will all of its twist and turns that are presented. 

If you are in for a good medieval  historical romance, I would recommend "A Dove at Midnight"  to you as a good read. 


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