Francine's Miracle

By:  Emeka Iwenofu
Published By:  Hope Point Press, LLC
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5
Book Blog For:  GMTA

"Francine's Miracle"  by Emeka Iwenofu was a well written story of a Irish girl named Francine  who came from Ireland during the 1920's  with her family in search for the 'American Dream. During this time this was the world of: 'Prohibition and organized crime.'  Life wasn't kind for Francine  for as even a young girl she and even some of her family  "endures a life of verbal abuse, violence, a dysfunctional family, poverty, tragedy, endless domestic chores and a constant plea for help away from her surroundings."  To find out what all will happen to Francine you must pick up "Francine's Miracle" to see what 'miracle' will come to her. 

"Witness an exciting book that details all the elements needed for any reader to attain success in life despite their current status, situation, or environment."

"Francine's Miracle" was a very good read that once you started reading there was no putting it down with all of its twists until the very end.  Wow what a struggle!  This was really some read of how this young lady was able to 'achieve' with all of the obstacles that were put in her way.  In this read this author will take you through Francine's life from childhood to adulthood
and in the end leaving you to shake your head and say Wow, that was some read.  Would I recommend?  YES! 


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