Haunting Embrace

By:  Erin Quinn
Published By:  Berkley Trade
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Series: Mists of Ireland #4

"Haunting Embrace" by Erin Quinn was the fourth in this book series:  Mists of
Ireland #4 which was the conclusion.  This author has given us the "
"mysterious evil of the Book of Fennore and the haunting romantic love of charismatic time traveling characters in Erin Quinn’s Mists of Ireland series." You will be whisked through time so you will have to keep up with it all of this 'Irish family as they gather more power for its insidious ways.'  I will say it would be best to read the other three series so you will be able to keep up with this last series. By doing so you will see how this author's books are connected and intertwined with each other.  You will find very intriguing characters along with a feeling that you are on those Irish shores.  This series will be of Meaghan Ballagh's story after her leaving the 'Book of Fenmore along with the Druid Aedan.'  Be ready for 'mystery, murder, romance, time travel and the supernatural elements.'   All that and a surprising ending I would only say that I would recommend this magic paranormal romance series to you as a good read. 


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