Taming Her Forbidden Earl

By:  Catherine Hemmerling
Published By: Entangled Published: Scandalous
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA
Series:  Lady Lancaster Garden Society #1

"Taming Her Forbidden Earl" by Catherine Hemmerling was a good historic romantic mystery  read that was the first from this series: Lady Lancaster Garden Society #1.  I loved the suspense in the good romantic mystery,  The characters were so well developed and this style of writing(language) that this author used for this historical time was very good.  This was definitely one of those reads that you will have it all wrapped up...'espionage, historical romance and the strong and intelligent women.'  We must remember at this time in the Regency London historical time....during the 'Garden Society'
"Women were not allowed to read, or even see, touch, or buy a book.
-People of the ton had maids and butlers at all times to be at their service. They even need assistance taking a bath and putting on their clothes and combing their hair! Hah! -Two people of the opposite sex walking in public without a chaperon (maid or otherwise) must be married immediately!"  Now, moving on to the romance part in this read which doesn't really come into play much  until the end of the read.  This will be where I will say you must pick up the good read to see completely what this read is all about.  It does get even better toward the ending. Were women allowed to do that?  If you are interested in historical novels I would recommend this one and it may even put a smile on your face.   


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