Past Darkness

By:  Laurel Woiwode
Published By:  Crossway
Age Recommended:  YA - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Book Blog For: GMTA

"Past Darkness" by Laurel Woiwode was a wonderfully written contemporary  Christian fiction.  This novel was not only a good book but a easy read that will cause you to think long after the read.  We find a young teenager Gabrielle Larson who was just fifteen.. a only child  has lost her parents due from a car accident. Now filled with some much grief how will she be able to deal with all of the emotions that comes with death?  How does anyone?  Living in Chicago she and her parents loved music and often performed at churches, conferences and seminars and viewed this as their ministry.  However, after the death of Gabrielle's parents she moves to North Dakota with her aunt and uncle on their ranch which was not to her liking. Now, she is enrolled in school but never really having any friends and then she was off to college where she started her study as a veterinarian. Gabrielle chose not to have anything to do with music and she realized   that she hadn't prayed in a long time.  She finds herself alone and also knowing she hadn't spoke to God in a long time. Now, this is where I say that you must pick up the good read "Past Darkness" to see what happens to Gabrielle who thinks she is all along in life.  Will she ever meet anyone and develop a friendship? You will find that this author has given the reader a great story of 'redemption, grace, forgiveness and growth.'  You will find the characters so real and  alive that you can get the feeling you are there.  

I would highly recommend this novel to any YA as well as a adult who do not have a problem with reading about 'God's Unconditional Love' for you.


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