I Love You MoM

By:  Dr. Carter Brown
Published By: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Age Recommended:  YA - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Book Blog For: GMTA

"I Love You Mom" By Dr. Carter Brown gives us a 'thriller' read that "explores the turbulent life of a man whose only constant is his unwavering love for his mother. Mothers are indescribably wonderful. They have loved us unconditionally, from the very day we entered their womb, and love us even more the first day they set their eyes on us and carry us in their arms. No other women will ever take their place in our hearts." This novel was of a young man name Solomon and tell of his love for his mom who was a single mom that  'worked tirelessly to educated her only son."  Solomon decides to quit college which upset his mom to get a job in Manhattan.  He wanted to take care of his mother.  Solomon  hated seeing the bills pile up  on my mom and thought  he would get a job and help but this didn't work out as planned due to the fact that his job was not a honest job.  Now, he was soon into  'fencing stolen contents of trucking containers'...got caught and went to jail. Later he marriage, however, this did not last long and then from his... 'cab' job now Solomon  is involved with someone else's 'money and sensitive documents.   Now, he is wanted 'man again.  What will happen to Solomon?  He has made some many poor choices.  One thing that is for sure he still has his mother's love but will this keep him for 'dodging murder attempts, torture and prison?'  This is where I say you must pick up the good read of "I Love You, Mom" and see how this author will bring this novel out to the reader.  The novel will definitely keep you turning the pages until the end to see what will happen to Solomon.  One thing was for sure...He did love his Mom!   I  Would I recommend?  Yes!


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