Stradding The Lines

By: Sarah M. Anderson
Published By: Harlequin
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Series: The Bolton Brothers #1

"Straddling The Line" by Sarah M. Anderson was a good contemporary read that I couldn't put down until the last word. This was the first in her series: The Bolton Brothers. The storyline is very interesting how this author was able to put the 'Native American'(Josey Plume) with him(Ben)...he's from a biker family. I love this! We find Josey is trying to get funds for a school for the reservation and Ben is having to deal with his father and two brothers with the custom bike business. There will be sparks the first time Josey and Ben meet due to the fact that they are both loaded down with some much stress in their life. What will happen when they finally cone together as they are trying to find happiness from the two different worlds? I thought all of the characters were well developed and captivating only to help give the reader a good read. So, to find out all about this confrontation from these two main characters you will have to pick up "Straddling The Lines" to get the jest of it all. Definitely, this author worked her magic with this novel only to give up a well written read that I would recommend and from the ending you will be left wondering what the next series will be about.


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