Divine Secrets Of The Ta-Ta Sisterhood Pledging the Pink Sorority

By: Joanna Chapman
Published By: Cosmic Casserole Press
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"Divine Secrets Of The Ta-Ta Sisterhood" by Joanna Chapman was indeed a good informative read.  This survivor lived it.  Therefore, I was very interested in what she had to say about it: CANCER.  "Ms. Chapman  "reveals some of the best advice she wished she’d had, including: how to stop your head from spinning from conflicting advice, why you should accept those foil-covered casseroles, and when to give out “Stupid Passes” for well-meaning but clueless comments." I loved this book because she give you her real thoughts  and emotions of what she endured  and how her family felt about her on this Ta-Ta ride. Whether you have gone through cancer  or not it is a incredible read.  If Joanna can laugh with some of her humor she gave us,  so can we. For me, I not only 'laughed and  cried....tears of joy and sadness' but  to me  it was so real to have read this amazing book.  Again, wither you have been through cancer, yourself, or had a family or friend go through it, or may be you have had not experience with it, I still would recommend this book as a incredible read.   



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