To Seduce and Defend

By: Deborah Camp
Published By: White Glove
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"To Seduce and Defend" by Deborah Camp was very good historical romance that was read from the start to the finished. I could not put this one down until the end. This author did a wonderful job at letting the reader understand just want was going on in the late 1800's in the Indian Territory in Guthrie, Oklahoma where it was a 'mecca place to be for one seeking a divorce.'

Jennie Caldwell Hastings and her son, Oliver arrive in Guthrie, Oklahoma to "claim the land purchased by her deceased husband." Unbeknown to her is that her husband had divorced her an remarried someone else who know claimed the land. After meeting with Zach Warner, the lawyer and finding out what her deceased husband has done...what will she do now? Jenna was the type of woman that would not cave in...for she took charge...finding herself and son a place to say and a job. This will be where I will say you have to pick up this read to find out the rest of the story. This author will lead the reader into some twist and turns that will lead to who was responsible for all that had happened. It seems like there will be a love interest between Jennie and Zach but what will come of it if he is not the marrying kind? What will come out and break this case? Will Jennie and Oliver get the land that she had paid for in the end? Again, from this well written novel: "To Seduce and Defend" you will get it all from this good read and YES! I would recommend this read to you. Well done to the author.


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