Grapes of Death

By:  Joni Folger
Published By:  Midnight Ink
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA

"Grapes of Death" by Joni Folger a contemporary romantic with mystery read.  However, I did find this novel somewhat predictable but  still a good novel.  This is a ordinary story where we find Elise funds the vineyard, her brother runs the winery, mom and gram run the gift shop and special events.  All is going well until the uncle Edmond now thinks that the property belonged to him.  The glitch in this story is that the uncle comes up dead...yes, murdered and then we have a story about to bring on some interesting scenes that will kept you intrigued in this plot of this story.  Elise was engaged and her fiancé wanted her to move to the 'big city,' but now she must help the local deputy Jackson who happen to be her brother's best friend solve this mystery. Now, if you are wondering about the fiancé, well maybe we should also wonder about Jackson's feeling for Elise.  This is where I say you must pick p "Grapes of Death" to see how, where, what  and who this author will bring to us only giving us a good story in the end.  Would I recommend?  YES!


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