As She Left It

By: Catriona McPherson
Published By:  Midnight Ink
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  4
Book Blog For: GMTA

"As She Left It" by Catriona McPherson was a drama with good mystery thriller read,  that once you got into the story it was hard to put down.  We find that Opal Jones has come back to claim her childhood home  that is located on 'Mote Street  after the death of her mother from alcoholism. A part of this mystery was that  "On Mote Street, a heavy sorrow hangs over every house, threatening to choke whatever threads of humanity are left" due to the fact that a young boy disappeared and was never found around the same time that Opal left town.  The irony of it all is that  many of the people still lived on 'Mote street.'   Opal will come involved with trying to find out what had happened to this child.  This is where I say you must pick up this read "As She Left It" to see what all is going on 'Mote Street.  There will be many twist and turns along with some deep secrets that will be revealed.  I found of the characters were somewhat developed,  pathetic, charming, deceitful  and even guilty in the search of the truth of it all.  I did like out this author was able to show a neighborhood where even though was affected by this child's disappearance and everyone knew every one's business  for the most part they kept quite. What will Opal turn up from her search of the truth...who is guilty of what?  Maybe this has something to do with my Opal ran away in the first place. What a neighborhood!

If you are interested in a good mystery thriller read  then I would recommend "As She Left It" to you as a good read. 


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