Once Unpon a Gypsy Moon

By:  Michael Hurley
Published By:  Center Street
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA

"Once Upon a Gypsy Moon" by Michael Hurley was a good biography  of this author's journey 'not only the open seas but through life.  Mr. Hurley has done a good job as her interweaves the sea (ocean) and its 'interchangeable aspects' of this novel to give the reader a clear understanding of  this journey  that even enters into his 'spiritual side. Michael Hurley had be a trial attorney and was also a professional sailor.  His life will  go through many changes such as 'loss, courage, determination, contentment giving it all and learning to let go.' Wow, this was just a wonderful delivered story of Michael Hurley's life.  In this memoir, he wrote  about his divorced after twenty five years of marriage and being alone and even confessing that he had cheated. I liked how he was man enough to take the blame for what had happened.  The descriptions of the sea and his boat 'Gypsy Moon' was simply off the chart ....good.  The memoir was of Michael Hurley who had a hard life and was now learning new lessons and that one thing was the goal of sailing around the world.  Now as he falls in love and making a new life for himself...we can only say  he is doing it.  This was one beautiful presentation that will appeal to 'the hearts of dreamers and romantics, be it land or sea.'  Would I recommend this novel?  YES!


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