Identity Theft

By:  Anna Davies
Published By: Point
Age Recommended:   Teen - YA - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA

"Identity Theft" by Anna Davis was a read with action, many surprises and in the end a suspenseful thriller mystery read.  Even thought I found the plot of this novel somewhat predictable it still was a written well by this author.  I think the teens and young adults may identify more with the read.  There will be a
lots of twist in "Identity Theft" that can keep your interest in this read.

We find Hayley is a good student who has been studying hard to make her academic excellence to prepare her for major scholarship for college.  With all this "will keep her mother from having to worry about her finances.  So, this is why she take her future very seriously and has totally given up on social events."  However, while Hayley is trying to meet her dreams, she is suddenly be harassed due to a 'online ID' that claims that she is not who she says she is.  There will be picture of her in places she has never been.  What is up with all of this?  As Hayley tries to find out who is trying to ruin her, she finds out she has a twin and this will be where I will say you must pick up "Identity Theft" to see how this will all come out.  Be ready for some intriguing things that will happen.  Some what predictable storyline Yes, but who would have believed all of this!  Would I recommend?  Yes!


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