Girl in the Glass

By: Zoe Brooks
Published By:  Z.B.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Book Blog For: GMTA

"Girl In the Glass" by Joe Brooks was the first book in the 'Shadows Trilogy.'
I found this novel 'Girl in the Glass' heat wrenching, even sad and angry then it has a way through this read  to lift your 'spirit and then cheer for all of it in this journey that Anya and Evan went through in a unhappy childhood to now becoming a woman.  This author did a wonderful job with her description she used in this good novel.  At time you are able to feel the sand and even smell the salty air. 

What was "Girl in the Glass" about...

"Anya, orphaned after the death of her father and her healer mother and forced to endure a young life in servitude to her wicked aunt. The huge family home she lives in (in a town on the edge of an impassable desert) is her world and her prison, that is until Anya and her twin/Shadow Eva escape."
the type of life she lived before the escape....
“I will have to say it: 'I am Anya and I am nothing'. I will look down at the floor as I say it, so that I don't see the smile on my aunt's face, so she won't see the defiance in my eyes. She will get her victory. She always wins these battles. I know it, she knows it. But one day, one day she will not.”
Punished for the final time by having to have an arranged marriage to a brutish man, Anya and Eva make their escape and this is where I will say you must pick up this excellent read to see where the author will lead Anya and Eva.
The characters were well developed and likable and some I couldn't identity with them at all but it was a fascinating story none the less.  There were some questions left unanswered but I am sure it will be answered in 'Love of Shadow.'

I found this novel a remarkable and captivating story that once you got in it from page one, you will not want to put it down until the end. This was definitely a read of a survival in a world where there will be any odds stacked against them but "who show there is strength in friendship and servitude."
 Would I recommend?  YES!


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