Taken By Storm

By:  Kelli Maine
Published By:  K.M.
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For: GMTA
Series: Give & Take #2

"Taken By Storm" by Kelli Maine was the second in the series: 'Give & Take #2.'
As this saga continues you will find that in this novel will be filled with "mysteries, deception, secrets and much danger. This was the story of MJ Rocah.  Here is a little about what this series is about....

"Book 2 in the Give & Take series follow the story of MJ Rocah. MJ has been living in a hidden world in and out of board schools being hidden away from his father. While he spent summers at the Rocah Estate he formed a friendship with Maddie Simcoe. Maddie and MJ formed a bond as children and it eventually turned into more. But like everyone in his life Maddie leaves, with no explanation and doesn't return..."
 What are the circumstances that are keeping Maddie and MJ apart?  Maddie had left 'Turtle Tear Island and now she was back.  Will these two be able to 'share the secrets and manage to get back together again? What will happen when Merrick finds out this secret?  This is where I say you must read this good read "Taken By Storm" to see what all in going on this this tale.  This will be a novel that will keep you guessing but in the end... The characters were all more or less very well developed in this turbulent ride only to want the next series.   

If you are in for a good read with some of it all...suspense and romance you have come to the right place for this series "Taken By Storm" would be recommended to you.


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