Bittersweet Blood

By: Nina Croft
Published By:  Entangled: Edge
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA
Series:  The Order #1

"Bittersweet Blood" by Nina Croft  was a real active force of 'werewolves, witches, shape shifters, vampires, beasties  and fairies, a paranormal  so get ready for a awesome read that this author gives her readers. This is the first in this series: The Order #1 by this author.  We will find from the read that with Tara's aunts death, she finds out that everything had been told to her by her aunt had been a web of lies. What were these secrets and rules?  So, Tara hires a 'private investigator(Christian) to help her uncover the truth.'  However, Tara did not know that he was not only a PI but a 'vampire and ex demon hunter'  and their is a demon who is trying to hunt him down.  We will find that Tara's past will 'collide with problems in Christian's  present and will their be a attraction for this PI that she has hired?  This is where I say you must pick up "Bittersweet Blood" to see what all this author has in store for the reader.  For many of us who know this author knows she will bring it to us....the reader.  Its always a interesting ride. The characters all were indeed interesting and captivating only leaving you to continue reading  this good read. 

I liked this quote:
"You smell so delicious."
Tara twitched, but his hands held her in place. His lips were on her skin and a wave of heat washed over her. Her eyes fluttered closed as his mouth opened against her throat and his tongue stroked, slow and cool against her heated flesh.
"Maybe just a little taste...,"   Wow!

"Bittersweet Blood" was a quick read and somewhat predictable but still a good read that I would definitely recommend to you as a good read.


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