Abby Road

By: Ophelia London
Published By:  Entangled Published, LLC
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA
"Abby Road" By Ophelia London was a good contemporary romantic read. We find Rock Star, Abby Road 'physically depleted from the rigors of a career in music and emotionally scared by the death of her brother' Abby takes a much needed hiatus at her sister home in Florida.  Abby is trying to find the balance in her life and she meet a 'sexy ex-Marine, Todd Camford who puts a smile and adds some balance to her life.  Will she be willing to give up her music  in order to have something with Todd? What was up with Abby's
 manager, Max?   Can she have both...her music and Todd? From this read we will see how Abby is caught between life and the horrors of the music biz. To find out what all is in store for Abby you must pick up this well written read to see the outcome.   This was indeed a beautiful story and I would recommend this one as a good read.


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