Vixen Virgins

By:  Beth Williamson & Robin Danner
Published By:  Liquid Silver Publishing
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA

"Vixen Virgins" by Beth Williamson and Robin Danner come together and  intertwined a two part story under this title. The first story is 'The Outlaw's Virgin by  Beth Williamson

The  first story deals with Lady Margaret Travers and her sister  Millicent are on there way by train to their Aunt Gertrude.  Why is Margaret running away?  This is due to the fact she is running from an arranged marriage to some 'American Earl.'  While heading to Corpus Christi, Texas they train is robbed and all of her money is now gone.  What will she do? Well, this is the time that I say you must pick up this read to what will happen to her and her sister.

the second story:   'The Sheriff's Vixen' by Robin Danner

The second story is of the sister, Lady Millicent Travers who had been traveling with her sister Margaret but were robbed.  We now find that Millicent has been left behind in Beaumont, Texas while Margaret is gone with her horse Wind Dancer to find the bandit that had robbed them.  Millicent finds a job at a saloon serving drinks and that is where she will find trouble and it seems like Benjamin Spalding who the sheriff of Beaumont  will be there 'to stop  her in her tracks.'
Now, this is where I will say you must continue reading "Vixen Virgins' to  see how this will come out.  It will be most interesting and down right funny.

I found all of the characters in both stories were well structured  and completed each other.  You will definitely love reading with the combination of the Regency women (Vixen Virgins)  and the heat of these  American Western men  this will be a story you will not want to miss.  Yes, I would recommend this good read. 


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