By:  Travis Thrasher
Published By:  David C. Cook
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed  4
Book Blog For:  GMTA
Series:  Solitary Tales #4

"Hurt" By Travis Thrasher was another  enjoyed series read that offered suspense, action. mystery  and much love though it  all and taking place in North Carolina.  "Hurt" was of a teenage POV love story with many twist and turns really making it hard to put down until the very end.  This story has a good plot and story line that is very interesting and believable.  The characters are well developed and very captivating only keeping your attention through the read. This read  could be considered a 'Christian fiction' and this author did a wonderful job as presenting the subject. 

If you are looking for a good Christian, mystery, thriller  with suspense read you have come to the right place and I would recommend this read to any YA and adult. 


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