Fifty Shades Freed

By:  E.L. James
Published By:  Vintage Books
Age Recommended:   Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5
Series: Fifty Shades Book #3

"Fifty Shades: Freed" by E. L. James was the conclusion to this 'Fifty Shades Series' and what a read it was.  I  was somewhat sad to see it end.  Truly this author has given us all something to think about as she had truly shared her writing ability as well as her 'imagination with the world.'  All three of these books were some read like I have never read before and in the end it all makes sense of why Christian was the way he was. And let me not leave his Anastasia. Wow! she was really something else.  I am so glad all ended well for them. Do I have a favorite novel ... no, I like them all ...what's not to be 'Grey, Dark but in the end finally FREED!   Great job to this author!


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