A Social Affair

By:  Pat Tucker & Earl Sewell
Published By:  Strebor Books
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
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"A Social A Affair"  By Pat Tucker and Earl Sewell was quite some read that truly held my attention till the end.  Being bored with her life as a wife and mother and under the influence of her best friend decides to get involved in the porn industry and reinvent herself by coming someone she isn't as Candi.  Along with this,  we find Quinn who feels trapped in his marriage set up a Facebook,  and twitter account to 'reinvent himself as a professor who seeks companionship. Soon, both Candi and Quinn get hooked up and are now living a double life. Now, this is where I say you must pick up the read because it will get very complicated and you will only have to read to find out where this author will take the read.  It will be a very interesting read.  You will be definitely left thinking 'One can never be certain whether the face behind the social media such as Facebook and twitter is someone that they really are or just a make believe' leaving you to only be careful if this is what you are into.  I thought "A Social Affair" was a well written and very believable read that had  some drama, suspense and even some humorous sections.  Would I recommend?  YES!


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