Widow: A Survival guide for the First Year

By:  Joanna Romer
Published By: Msi Press
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Widow: A Survival guide for the First Year" by Romer presented some very good advice for any women who is or has experienced be a widow. This advice to so well needed especially during the year after the death of a husband.  I liked how this author presented her own story of being found alone  and 'uses her emotional and occasionally humorous story as the backbone for this self-help guide that takes you from your first Christmas alone to making household repairs.'
I liked this quote...

"Remember, your husband died--you didn't."

From the book: "Widow" there will be many issues that will  include: "hints for those first holidays, and birthdays; ways to nurture and take care of yourself; loneliness, survivor guilt, money, cleaning out the closet, making future plans; and later on, how to join Face book, and use an iPhone; and whether to get a job, accept assistance, comfort and advice from others, reading, prayer and meditation and less not forget time for personal strength and dreams."  There will be even more insightful information that will  help you day by day.

So whether you are a widow or know someone who has lost a husband, I would recommend this read to you as a excellent guide and read. 


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