The Problem With Paddy

By: Holly Treat
Published By: H.T.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Series: Shrew & Company

"The Problem with Paddy" by Holley Trent was a good paranormal-supernatural read that this author really knew how to get the readers attention so that you will be kept reading till the end. The main character Dana was now a private investigator after being fired from being a cop.  Due to her ex husband Dana was  experimented on and due to it all she had lost her job.  Dana was now a 'shrew.'   Now, as a private eye Dana was on a investigation of a missing person...who was Patrick a bar owner had gone missing.  Well, she found him  within three hours and  finds that he had a  'secret' that he was keeping.  After talking and sharing and fulfilling the sex act, Dana is thinking maybe something will come of this. But will it?  Patrick awakens  was acting funny...his eyes had changed color...What is going on?  Now, this is where I say that you must pick up 'The Problem With Paddy" to see where the author will lead the reader.  What all is going on with Patrick?  Would Sarah who worked for Dana be able to help by providing information?  When Patrick appears and Billy is there....again pick up this good read to see what will happen next. Would I recommend?  YES, but know you must read this story till the end.


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