Deliver Me

By:  Farrah Rochon
Published By:  Leisure Books
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Series: Holmes and Brothers #1

"Deliver Me" by Farrah Rochon was some good read. This author put two stories together and went back and forth till the end.  I did really get a better understanding of the second that it had a ending.  I felt that the first or main story read through fine until the end.  There was not explanations given ... the story just the reader a OK 'the end read.'   This contemporary romance was still a good read however, we were not given  a resolution of what and even why.  Other than that I will still recommend "Deliver Me" as a worth while read.  How this author was able to get these two couples together  especially in the end was pure magic.  All of the characters were well developed and most colorful only to give the reader a well written story.  I also liked how this author was able to bring in 'New Orleans' description Katrina.  "Deliver Me" definitely left you wanting more of the Holmes Brother's. 


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